Our Mission

  • To encourage the understanding and enjoyment of jazz in the United States, and to sponsor the study of jazz, a true American art form.

  • To sponsor and conduct festivals, expositions, concerts, educational conferences and workshops to further public enjoyment, appreciation, and understanding of jazz.

Board of Directors

Sophia Hunter, President

Naoki Taniguchi, Vice President

Mark Bidelman, Festival Director

Jill Abramson, Secretary

Janelle Cridland, Treasurer

Steve Wilson, Volunteer Coordinator
Rebecca Gold Rubin, Marketing/Website

Margaret deFaymoreau

Brian Fitzgerald

Steve Gray

Dr. Rob Klevan

Joanne Le Boeuf

Rich McAdams

Michael Strunk

Contact Information

General Mailing Address

PO Box 7089

Santa Cruz, CA 95061-7089

Festival Programming, Scheduling & Fees

Mark Bidelman, Festival Director

General Info & and Sponsorships

Steve Gray